Type of WorkBase Prices (USD)Add'l. ChargesCommercial Use AllowedNotes
Illustration/Character Design/Portraiture/Caricature$12/hr for cel-style shadingPainting: Add'l $4/hrCase-by-case Basis - AskStylized art is my specialty, realistic work cannot have a guaranteed consistent quality
Text/Logo Design$9/hrSimple GIF animation: add'l $5 to final priceYes - With CreditAdd'l charge is added after total hours are summed up
30-60 Second Video (YouTube channel intro, brief trailer, etc.)$50 starting at 30 sec. (max. 60 seconds)$10 per add'l 5 sec. /// Complex Animations and Effects: Case-by-case basis - AskYes - With CreditSimple requests preferred and prioritized
Comic Pages - Inking (not mine)Case-By-Case Basis - Ask (min. $15/hr)Greyscale Colors: Add'l $5/hr (cel or painting)Yes - With CreditThis price tier is for inking someone else's comic pages - at a later date, I will provide prices for original comics
Comic Pages - Coloring (not mine)Case-By-Case Basis - Ask (min. $20/hr)Shading, Cel-style: add'l $5/hr to base price /// Shading, painting: add'l $10/hr to base priceYes - With CreditThis price tier is for coloring someone else's comic pages - at a later date, I will provide prices for original comics.
Custom Electronic Music/Audio$25 for the first 60 seconds (max. 5 min.)add'l $5 per 20 sec.No - Personal/Promotional use onlyn/a
  1. Fill out the form with all necessary information.

  2. Wait for a response. If you have not heard back within 1-2 weeks, your inquiry probably did not get accepted.

  3. Once you have received a reply, you and I will correspond about further details.

  4. You will receive a WIP to review for any errors or other things you would like to change. It'll be sent to you via Dropbox link. (This is the step to correct me on any major mistakes - it becomes more difficult later. If forced to do so, I'll charge an inconvenience fee.)

  5. Once I have fixed everything and you give me the green light, I will finish your commission. You'll then get the hi-res art linked to you via Dropbox. I do not provide my source files - sorry!

  6. Any work I complete for you must be credited to me, with a link to or Otherwise, you are free to upload and use it any way you like, as long as it follows my TOS.

  7. I retain any and all ownership of my work. I am the only one permitted to use my artwork for any purpose, unless otherwise given permission.

What I need from you:

  • Please put the commission type you want in the subject line (Illustration, Graphic Design, Video, Comics - Inking, Comics - Coloring, Custom Audio)

  • Visual and/or descriptive references, either your own or stock images

  • Any resources I might need (Sketched comic pages, video assets, desired samples, etc.)

  • Whether or not you need anything listed as an additional charge (if you're not sure, just ask)

  • Deadlines, if applicable

  • Your PayPal address (I use invoices)

  • Your age (No minors may commission me)

  • If I need to refrain from posting your commission for any reason for any amount of time (privacy reasons, birthday gift, spoiler-related, etc.)

  • Any social media accounts/names you wish to be credited to


  • NSFW/Fetish

  • Hate Speech/Targeting of others

  • Illegal content

  • Overly complex animations/video effects